Helping Everyone Becomes Virtual Since 2017

I provide everyone a service to create a fully customized Live2D avatar from your character design and setting up a perfect environment for your streams.
I have worked with several Online Streamers and Virtual Youtubers since the dawning of Virtual Youtuber era in 2017, to bring up their character to life thanks to Facerig and Live2D technology.

Whether you want to create a digital avatar for fun, or for professional needs,
I’ll deliver an exceptional service for you to build your virtual presence!

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What's your Facerig Live2D Avatars can do?


Your Live2D avatar have a wide range of expressions by tracking your face in real time.


Step up your performance by custom expressions! Make your avatar blush, crying, or upset by a simple key toggle.


Go extra mile with custom animations! Your avatar can be able to wave their hands, strike a pose, or anything!



I will give you a rough sketch for review. After sketch is accepted, I’ll begin to initiate the payment.



I will turn a sketch that were agreed upon to a full colored drawing. There will be a review process before proceeding into next step.



The rigging and animating process is starting after the artwork are ready!



At final step I will deliver your avatar, ready to use for Facerig!



Base price if you have a design (*.PSD) ready for rigging

Starting From


  • Half body / Waist up
  • Head turns upwards / sideways
  • Body Movements
  • Mouth and Eye Tracking
  • Body / Hair Physics
  • Custom Expressions and Animations are charged separately.


Extra item if you need character drawn or designed from scratch

Starting From


  • Design from scratch or use already available references
  • Accepts Anime / Cartoony / Furry / Kemono style.
  • Waist up / Full body
  • Drafts and Sketches for approval
  • Full HD resolution (up to 4000 px)
  • Ready for Live2D


The artist is very responsive and the final result is way beyond my expectations, easily as good as the official Live2D avatars! My only regret is to not have known that artist earlier. My dream came true and it was worth every single cent/euros/dollars. 🙂

Azur The Dragon

This artist went above and beyond, taking the challenge to approach a more western cartoon style in the Laphin model as requested, and he turned out great! There was a big challenge there with the work, and the results by far impressed me a ton.


“I am completely satisfied. I’m trying to build something special and you help me express that with your art. I have already had many compliments on having something different and unique and it was all thanks to your creativity and great work. You’re simply the best in the game!”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom animations?

Custom animations (or Special Actions under Facerig terms) enables your avatar to play a preset animation to make your avatar express themselves in wider range of motion. For example: Hand waving, dancing, striking a pose, etc.

What is custom expressions?

Custom expressions (or Special Poses under Facerig terms) works like a toggle to display a static face expression like blushing, sweating, etc.

Does the price includes cost for character artwork/designs?

If you’d like to commission an artwork from me they are charged separately from the base price. My rate is starting from $100 for a half body character.

How long a Facerig model can be done?

Due of I’m working on this commission in my free time, typically the process could take 2 weeks to a month, depends on amount of work or details needed. If you have PSD files ready at disposal, typically I can get it done within a week. The most lengthy process sometimes is preparing the artwork itself.

I only need a half body avatar, but can I use full body artwork?

Absolutely! For this kind of rigging I would only rig the upper body, while lower body part will remain static.

What if I wanted to make lower body move?

That will be accounted as custom animations, because Facerig does not track lower body for 2D avatars.

Can you do non-human avatars?

Yes, but I would like to see your character first so I can review if it can be done or not. Typically I’m content working on human avatars and furry avatars in certain species.

Do you take Live2D commission for games/animations?

At this time it’s not my main focus, due of high demand in Facerig avatars. However we can discuss about the possibility. Also for this commission I would apply slightly different term of pricing, depends on the work. Hit me up for a quote!

Do I have to use Facerig? Does it work with other Vtuber apps?

If they support loading of Live2D models then sure! Currently I tests on Facerig, 3tene, Prprlive, Vtube Studio, and Live2DViewerEx.

Your model should work fine, unless it uses custom expressions/animations. I mainly design my avatar to work with Facerig, and other tools may have different workflow. So if you are not planning to use Facerig, please tell me beforehand or I may have to incur additional costs to configure the custom expressions/animations for other apps.

My question is not listed here!

Then feel free to reach me out on my contact links on this page below! You can contact me through e-mail or Discord.


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